About Sugar Beet

I started Sugar Beet in the spring of 2016 because I love cooking, especially for other people. I have been cooking steadily for over fifteen years, in catering and restaurant kitchens, on food trucks, parties for clients, meals for me and my husband, dinner parties with friends. Back in 2006 I worked at a cooking school in Saint Paul, Minnesota where I learned the nuts and bolts of the operation. A few years later I helped start two cooking schools in North Carolina and New York. 

Sugar Beet has evolved out of those experiences and into a business that reflects my passion for cooking and community. 

I cook for events around 50 people because in my experience that's about the cut off where a party still feels intimate. It was how many people were at my wedding and that was a good party and we ate really well. I also know what it's like to cook for ten times that many people and it's not all that fun. Fiftyish is the sweet spot for everyone involved.